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Our Family & Horses are Rich in Tradition & History

The Nez Perce people are historically known for their selective horse breeding practices, especially of the Appaloosa horse ("Maamin," the Nez Perce word for Appaloosa). We strive to follow the lead of our ancestors and carry on their legacy and traditions by breeding, training, riding and trading (selling) Appaloosa stock - - for our own enjoyment and that of our family, our community and our friends (old and new).

When we started our breeding program, we had Appaloosas (Appys) with strong Foundation lines. We strengthened our Appy bloodlines even more when we obtained some nice, "old herd" (See our Breeding Section.)

In 1995, to support our Nez Perce Tribe's new Nez Perce Horse Registry, we bred some of our Appy mares to the Tribe's Akhal-Teke stallions (see our Breeding Section). We now have Appy and Akhal-Teke mares that we breed to our Appy and Akhal-Teke stud. We are very pleased with the Appearance, Temperament, Athleticism and Performance of this cross!

However, the large herd of the M-Y Sweetwater Appaloosa Ranch is still predominantly Appy, and we'll continue our efforts to preserve the wonderful Appaloosa horse!