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On 4/1/00 we lost our grand sire, "Zip's Rocky Road," ( out of  Ralstin's Zip Cochita ApHC, by Beau Juan JC-Thoroughbred); bay with blanket & spots. He was 23, and we had him for 22 of those years. He left quite a legacy - his bloodlines (ApHC grandsire: Zip Cochise) still run in our herd.

We sold our 1990 stallion "Tuts Yawka," a blue roan with spots (ApHC w/Appy sire & dam). He had strong Foundation bloodlines (Blue Bear/Toby/Red Eagle), and we have many of his offspring too.

MY002-Tuts Yawka, 1986 ApHC Stallion SOLD to Steve Lockard of St. Maries, Idaho

We still have two other stallions:

A 1996 Nez Perce Horse Registry (NPHR) stallion, "Ciikowis Timina," meaning Brave Heart (Akhal-Teke sire & Appy dam); light bay w/white over rump. 1996 was the first year for the NPHR foals.  He and his get have unlimited potential! I saw him jump over a 6-ft. round pen fence like it was nothing (no long running jump, just 1 - 2 strides, up-UP & o-O-OVER!).(see for more NPHR information)

NP-002-Ciikowis Timina, 1996 Nez Perce Stallion out of Yawkas Spotted Bow (ApHC),

by Pietre, Purebred Akhal-Teke Stallion

And, last but not least, a strong replacement for "Rocky" and the model for the M-Y Sweetwater Appaloosa Ranch's sign, our 1997 stallion  "Yawkas Round Dancer" (black with white blanket and spots).

MY103-1997 ApHC Stallion out of Yawkas April Rain (ApHC), by Zip's Rocky Road (ApHC)

For years we bred Appy to Appy with strong foundation origins. Upon obtaining "old herd" Appaloosa mares from the Minam line in Wallowa, Oregon, pure but unregistered Appys were introduced into our herd.

Then, in 1995, we bred some of our Appy mares to the Nez Perce Tribe's purebred Akhal-Teke stallions, which were gifted to the Tribe by the Sprandels. This ancient and sacred breed originated in Turkministan (near Afghanistan) and are ancestors of the Thoroughbred and Arabian breeds.

The horse background of Jon's family in Washington State is strong and still active in Thoroughbred training and racing on Northwest tracks. As a youth, Jon was given a mare, "Cherish," from the Yakama herd, which he bred to a champion Thoroughbred stallion owned by his dad, Jack. This mare and her foals moved with Jon to Nez Perce Country in 1972 when he was introduced to Rosa and to Appaloosas.

The Nez Perce or Nimiipuu  people are historically known for their selective horse breeding practices. Our family ancestors carried on this tradition. We strive to follow their lead in building our herd of Appys, now at 80+ head. We would like to share that legacy with you.  Please see our links for Horses for Sale and Make and Offer.

Stallion Pedigrees