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2013 foals & their dams

HALE BOP-1997 Nez Perce Mare out of Rainy's Appy Mare, by Sentor, purebred Akhal-Teke

MY506-PeqpePeq Laymiwt's 2013 Filly, by Ciikowis Timina/Braveheart

PEQPE PEQ LAYMIWT (Younger)-2010 Nez Perce Mare out of Peqpe Peq, by Ciikowis Timina

MY507-Piyo Sikkum's 2013 Filly, by Ciikowis Timina

PIYO SIKKUM-1996 Nez Perce Mare out of Blue Connie (Old Herd), by Pazyrck

MY508-PaaxPaax/Buckskin's 2013 Colt, by Ciikowis Timina/Braveheart

PAAX PAAX-1996 Nez Perce Mare out of Pretty Rain (ApHC), by Pazyrck (purebred Akhal-Teke)

MY509-Rockies Beauty's 2013 Colt, by Yawka's Round Dancer (ApHC)

ROCKIES BEAUTY-1988 ApHC Mare out of Yawka Blue (ApHC), by Yawka's Round Dancer (ApHC)