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Welcome to M-Y Sweetwater Appaloosa Ranch

june 2017 - happy father's day FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS! 

(For varied reasons, technical & personal, our site has been dormant for awhile so new information will be dated.)

Hello from Jon & Rosa Yearout.  We raise fine Nez Perce Appaloosa horses at our "M-Y Sweetwater Appaloosa Ranch" (M-Y stands for McFarland-Yearout).  We live near Lapwai, Idaho, and the village of Sweetwater on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation.  We BREED, TRAIN, SELL and can DELIVER the horses we sell within a reasonable radius.  We can also provide DAY RIDES for one or more riders or small groups (schedule in advance). 

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JON & ROSA YEAROUT, owners of M-Y (McFarland-Yearout) SWEETWATER APPALOOSA RANCH, and "YAWKAS SAYAQIC," 2008 ApHC GELDING out of "Molly's Kalo" by "Yawka's Round Dancer."  Jon selected Sayaqic ("Beautiful" in Nez Perce) not only for his appearance and conformation, but especially for his gentle temperment as a replacement riding horse for Rosa after "Yawka's Sweetwater," her longtime trail horse (13 years on the Chief Joseph Trail Ride), had to be put down in September 2013.   

Our Family & Horses are Rich in Tradition & History

We are members of: the Appaloosa Horse Club in Moscow, Idaho; the Nez Perce Appaloosa Horse Club (open to everyone and all horses) and the Nez Perce Horse Registry (for Appaloosa/Akhal-Teke crosses), both with headquarters in Lapwai, Idaho.

Some of our horses are registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (Foundation, i.e., Blue Bear/Toby lines and Zip's Cochise, John Wayne's horse); some are from what we call the "Old Herd" in Wallowa, Oregon (Chief Joseph's Band); and some are from the Nez Perce Tribe's Horse Registry (Akhal-Teke & Appaloosa Crosses). We have it all!

Click  "Breeding" Link  for Photo of our 1997 Appaloosa Stallion - MY103, "Yawka's Round Dancer"

(out of "Yawka's April Rain," by "Zip's Rocky Road") 





Click the "Horses for Sale" tab  for listings of our stock. We have more horses than are shown herein.  Therefore, please inquire by e-mail


Owners:               Jon or Rosa Yearout

Mailing Address:   Post office Box 231

Physical Address:  29590 Maamin Drive (Maamin means Appaloosa in Nimiipuutimt,

                           the Nez Perce language)

City/State/Zip:     Lapwai, Idaho 83540, U. S. of America

Home Telephone: 208-843-2452 (Best time is early in the morning or in the evening,

                           Pacific Time Zone/Daylight Savings Time)